Want to join a tasteful family?

Installed in Nice and in the hearts of the niçois since 1973

For 50 years, our will is to serve, and our common thread is pleasure. Our restaurants are the guardians of modern Italian cuisine, cultivating both novelty and tradition. And at the heart of our approach: the desire to “work together”. By joining our team is to accept to face the challenges of the world of the restaurant business. But also opening up to learning. Do you want to master a new language or discover another professional skill? We are committed to training you. In the dining room or in the kitchen, at the reception or on the beach, if you want to offer the best customer experience … We are waiting for you. You will be welcomed into our Group!


When the beautiful days arrive on the Côte d’Azur, the beach becomes a second home. As a beach attendant, you are the guardian of quality moments that pass onto our clients. Groups of friends, couples, family … Your role is to create a cocoon of well-being by the sea, close to the Promenade des Anglais. In short, you are the head server of the mattresses. A season of experience at the same job or in a restaurant is expected. We expect from you a good presentation, an effective sense of relationship and a concrete listening of requests. Fluency in English is required. Endurance and fit, you know how to run and you do it well. If you are not allergic to the sun and walking on the pebbles do not scare you… Welcome home!

Room clerk

Want to discover the restaurant world in a family business in the heart of the Riviera metropolis? Whatever your background, age or past experiences, we welcome you. We are waiting for one thing: to discover ambitious, motivated and eager to learn. The position is scalable and we will take you far if you agree to follow us: many of our head waiters have started as room clerks in our restaurants. You respect the hierarchy and want to evolve within a united and charged team? Welcome to our house !

Split schedule

Station chef

Under the orders of the Chef and the Second command, you are the representative of a specialty and the guarantor of culinary quality. In our restaurants, this includes pasta, cold and hot. During your training you will have the opportunity to touch each area of expertise. We will then identify the area where your kitchen will shine the most. Have you worked in a large establishment? Do you have experience in kitchens? With or without training, if the intense work and team do not scare you, if you like to work with good products and get the best … Welcome to our home!

Split schedule

Head waiter

You are at the heart of the dining service and the smooth running of it. You embody the intersection that is woven around the dining experience of our guests. We are looking for a seasoned person with at least one year of experience managing a large number of seats.
A head waiter moves fast, is a thinks sharply and adapts to the intensity. Your presentation must be irreproachable. Are you friendly and warm? Your sense of rapport will serve you at every moment. Autonomous, enduring and clever, your goal is to serve the clients in concert with a hot dish. If this goal motivates you and you have the soul of a conductor… Welcome home!

Split schedule

Want to join the Group? In the dining room, in the kitchen or on the sand, we are waiting for you. To send your application and learn more about our current needs, contact Marion, your privileged coordinator.

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